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Does the Bible say anything about sex addiction?

He had never before made me feel safe, protected and really loved, but now he does. Thank you Pure Life Ministries! I am not the same man my wife married 10 years ago. For the first time in my marriage, I know I love my wife.

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The program not only helped me to establish a real relationship with Jesus but they also gave me plenty of tools to be able to defeat sexual temptations before they overtook me. This program exceeded my expectations. I would encourage anyone to take the course, and urge them to focus on their relationship with God first and foremost. Pure Life Ministries has proven, mature leadership that knows how to deal with this issue.

They practice what they preach and are true examples of disciples of Christ.

When God Washes Away a Man's Lust

It challenges the participants to be real disciples of Jesus. No nonsense. No compromise. The pure Word—making men into men of God, overcoming men, true to God to the end. There is such a passion in the sermons we hear. I think of where my life might be without Pure Life and it makes me shudder. The Call to a Deeper Repentance. A Biblical Perspective on Brokenness.

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Abraham Offered up Isaac. He obsesses about acting out, or not acting out , his wants, his problems, how he is feeling at the moment, looking successful and what others think about him.

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All of this self-obsession causes ego buildup — and a critical judging heart. His wife is neglected and ignored and he makes little effort to do the things she likes. His prayer and devotional times become short, infrequent, shallow and about him. Intercession is an afterthought and praise is a duty.

He stops enjoying God and forgets how to listen and be still. Instead of being a fighter he becomes a passive weakling who hides from the challenges of life. He makes compromises he would never have dreamed of taking before in financial and other areas. He steals by using company time for acting out or other personal activities.

“I promised God I would stop”: My struggle with sexual addiction

His distorted ambitions and his insecure and narrow perspective leave him prone to making big mistakes when crucial decisions need to be made both in his personal and professional life. He wastes the gift of his short life and the chance to impact others in a positive way. The stress sex addiction puts on his immune system drags it down.

Sex addicts get more colds and other respiratory infections, with longer recovery times. Sexual addiction alters the shape of the brain and drains natural serotonin levels. The nervous system gets messed up. Deep sleep through the night is elusive and he often feels run down. Clinical depression, anxiety attacks and blood pressure problems start to creep in.

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Many sex addicts wind up on antidepressants or other medication to cope. Personal or corporate worship times, normally a source of joy, only intensify his feelings of shame. Life becomes drudgery. His answer?

Help for the Sexually Desperate

More acting out to fill the Big Hole. She dies inside as the man she committed her life to coldly rejects her. As a result an open wound of rejection by the most important man in their life takes root.