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Find out more about abuse in a Deaf relationship. HAVEN seeks to eliminate domestic violence and sexual assault across Oakland County and the surrounding communities by empowering survivors through advocacy and social change.

HAVEN relies on the generosity of the community to help victims of domestic and sexual violence on their road to recovery. Volunteer your time Donate items or make a financial gift. ASL Videos.

HAVEN is surfing, independent fashion labels, music and accessories

A Place for Paws Just like people, pets can be victims of domestic violence. And Mario Maker is all about amateur designers. So rather than learning how to build more robust things, a lot of creators probably just stick with the challenge.

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Then there's Kaizo Mario. Kaizo a Japanese word meaning "reorganize" refers to the process of ROMhacking—taking a game's software and hacking it to make a whole new game out of it. In the mids, a tradition of making ultra-hard Kaizo hacks of Super Mario World began, which involved doing things with the tools and design ideas of the Super Nintendo's flagship Mario title that Nintendo could have never predicted. Invisible blocks designed to confuse and trip up the player. Frantic, information-overload autoscrollers. Jumps and navigation puzzles that require advanced movement techniques that most players wouldn't even think of to get through.

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Kaizo Mario hacks prefigure the later indie game tradition of "masocore" platformers designed to provide players with inventive challenges, and Mario Maker fits right into the continuity of that community while also, undoubtedly, disrupting it. A lot of the more fiendish ideas in Mario Maker design are borrowed wholesale from the Kaizo community, and are employed for much the same goals; challenges are crafted that are both nearly impossible and also mildly ridiculous, re-rendering Mario's noble struggles as tragicomic theater.

I don't know if this is what Nintendo intended for the Mario Maker games. Honestly, it probably isn't. The marketing for the games are, after all, classic Mario: warm, fun, a little goofy. Regardless of intention, though, Super Mario Maker 2 is a one-stop shop for getting absolutely wrecked by Mario levels.

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There's other stuff in there, too, certainly, but, two games in, difficulty seems to be the defining phenomenon of the creative impulses of the series. Which is to say: I know I need to dive into Mario Maker 2. There are gems in that desert. But I know what's going to happen when I do. And I'm not ready to get my ass kicked just yet.

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Four video game sound designers explain the thinking behind some of the world's most recognizable video game sounds. Related Stories. Rhett Allain. Julie Muncy.

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