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Close this message to accept cookies or find out how to manage your cookie settings. View all Google Scholar citations for this article. This article considers the social and cultural contexts of the two lives of Margherita Colonna c. To her family, Margherita Colonna represented a moderate type of Franciscan piety that did not conflict with elite patriarchal expectations of women, and one that differed from the radical penitence of Clare of Montefalco, Angela of Foligno, and Margherita of Cortona.

Her hagiographers structured their respective renditions of her life to promote their own agendas, choosing and omitting saintly virtues as they saw fit.


Margherita's first life, written by her brother Giovanni Colonna, extolled her humility, nobility, and almsgiving. Her second life, written by Stefania, her relative and the successor of her spiritual community, focused on Margherita's mysticism and concern for her cloistered community. Both of these works diverge from the lives of radical female Franciscans who practiced contempt for the world and rigorous poverty. For this reason, this article argues that Margherita's pious type broke from that of Clare of Assisi, and more closely resembled the traditional monastic religiosity practiced by her family before the arrival of St.

Such an approach to hagiography reveals the social context from which it arose, as well as gendered notions of holiness, thereby contributing to the fields of medieval sanctity, gender, and society. Berkeley : University of California Press , , Mooney , Catherine M.

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Philadelphia : University of Pennsylvania Press , , 52 — Margherita Colonna , For instance, Margherita's mother was likely devoted to the Franciscans. Nam alie barones et comites sibi previderant, sed ipsa solius regis Filio se statuerat desponsandam. Goldhammer , Alexander New Haven, Conn. Margherita Colonna , — Todi, 13—16 ottobre Spoleto : Centro Italiano di studi sull'alto Medioevo , , — Margerita Colonna , Sala , Rosario , O.

Margherita di Cortona scritta dal di lei confessore Fr. Giunta Bevegnati , ed. Bonsignori , , 40 — Lachance , Paul , O. Mahwah, N. Margherita Colonna , , n8. Translation from Oliger, B. For examples of the textual tradition that continued after St. Elizabeth's death, see Wolf , Kenneth Baxter , ed. There, Margherita successfully continued her task by making her receptions at the royal court the center of Roman high society in her effort to subdue the opposition toward unification within the Roman aristocracy. She eventually succeeded in making her salon one of the most exclusive and famous in contemporary Europe.

Margherita became Queen of Italy upon the succession of Umberto to the throne on 9 January In the critical situation that year, with the king and the pope, as well as an assassination attempt against the new king, Umberto reportedly asked Margherita for political advice. The attempted assassination of the king by Giovanni Passannante in November reportedly made her work even more forcefully to strengthen the prestige of the crown and build loyalty to the institution by gathering followers and making connections.

Queen Margherita also fostered loyalty toward the monarchy by social and charitable work.

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King Umberto, by contrast, had love affairs with the so-called " contessa fatale " Vincenza Publicola-Santacroce, contessa di Santa Fiora , besides the duchessa Litta, whom he reportedly also asked for political advice, which exposed the court to scandal. Queen Margherita was also involved in state affairs: viewing democracy as a potential threat to the monarchy, she supported F.

Crispi against parliament.

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As a nationalist, she did not hesitate to support the First Italo-Ethiopian War in , in contrast to Umberto, who was hesitant. On 18 August , in the company of various guides, porters, Alpini , politicians and aristocrats, Margherita climbed the Punta Gnifetti or Signalkuppe , a peak of the Monte Rosa massif on the Swiss-Italian border, for the inauguration of the mountain hut named after her.

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Margherita was met with an enormous amount of sympathy as the widow of an assassinated monarch, which created a veritable myth around her as the mourning widow. As queen dowager, Margherita took a step back and allow her daughter-in-law to take precedence, as this was a part of the monarchical system which was her ideal. She disliked the tolerance of democracy displayed by her son, the king, which she viewed as a form of socialistic monarchy, and worked to ensure the monarchical traditions as much as she could against democratic tendencies. During the war, she made one of her residences into a hospital and engaged actively within the Red Cross.

After the end of World War I, Margherita feared a socialist revolution and the end of the monarchy.

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  8. This, combined with her nationalism, social conservatism and anti parliamentarianism, [1] led her to support Fascism under Benito Mussolini , for which she felt a personal regard, [1] though she never explicitly expressed her support. In , the mining town of Margherita in Assam, India , was named after her. Also in , a large glass-window was made of her by Studio Moretti Caselli in Perugia, which was then shown around Italy and Europe before returning.

    According to legend, in , the Margherita pizza , whose red tomatoes, green basil, and white cheese represent the Italian flag, was named after her. In , the Queen mother's nephew, Luigi Amedeo, Duke of the Abruzzi , made the first ascent of the highest summit of Mount Stanley the third highest mountain in Africa and named it Margherita Peak in her honour. In , some of the Queen's jewellery was auctioned at Christies.

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    7. For other uses, see Margaret of Savoy. Pantheon, Rome. Ancestors of Margherita of Savoy 8. Charles Emmanuel, Prince of Carignano 4. Charles Albert of Sardinia 9.

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      Princess Maria Christina of Saxony 2. Prince Ferdinand, Duke of Genoa Archduchess Maria Theresa of Austria Princess Luisa of Naples and Sicily 1. Margherita of Savoy Maximilian, Hereditary Prince of Saxony 6. John of Saxony Princess Carolina of Parma 3. Princess Elisabeth of Saxony Maximilian I Joseph of Bavaria 7.

      Princess Amalie Auguste of Bavaria Princess Caroline of Baden.