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That's me and my--that's my dummy. You can't--you've got to guess which one is which. The--the lines kind of help you decide which one is the--that's me, yeah. I know you have a great book out now, but I thought of a great title for you: "Life is an Illusion. Because, you know, you're--you're one of drama and romance. So I can't imagine what that was like.

I kind of don't like to talk about this, but, OK, I'll tell you. You're my kind of guy. And I got a whole bunch of candles and the rest I ca--I don't want to talk about, but--but, yeah, it was--it was very nice. No, but we do have We have tape of Claudia. Watch this. He--obviously that's why he is so good at it.

He's an easy kind of person, so when he's very--when he's into something, when he's--when he wants to do something, he's very passionate about it. It was--it was New York. And if you missed it, take a look at it in slow motion. Look at this. That is a--that is a nice little pebble there. I recognize that--Mulgery it looks like to me.

See a Problem?

It does. It's a beautiful ring--beautiful ring. You have a trick I heard you wanted to do with my ring. I don't wear rings so I borrowed one. See, you shouldn't say that because then it's going to look like you don't really care about this ring. It's much more--make believe it's like yours and you really cared about it. Come here. You want to do something? You want to see something? Have a seat right there. Please have a seat. But then I moved into magic.

When I--when I was a little kid magician, these were the shoes that I wore.

David Copperfield and Miss Betsey

These are Air Coppers. You put them on, you pump them up and you're gone. This is a little shoe. Oprah, take your hand, reach--reach down inside and make sure it's empty. Ha-ha, ha-ha. This could be a long show. That's very good. This little shoe goes into my back pocket--this back pocket right there. It's my favorite ring. Can you take it off, please?

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There's an inscription: T-I-N. Here we go. Wow, what does that shot remind you of?

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The Home Shopping Network. Oh, that's funny. That's funny. That's good. Watch, watch, watch. Watch carefully. One more time. It's over there. It's gone.

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  4. My--my hands--my hands have never left your sight. Check it out. That would have been good, though, huh?


    I'm like I'm like--thank you. Tied into the laces of my little shoes, so their rings--remember that little shoe in my back pocket? I want you to look--just look, because tied to the little laces of that shoe--is the ring. Is that the ring? Give her a big round of applause. You are the best. I am your biggest fan.

    That is--you are just the best. OPRAH : Well, David has done some downright wild stunts all in the name of entertainment, I can't figure it out how he gets himself out of all these situations. Take a look at this glimpse into the sometime crazy world of David Copperfield. We're trying to get a list of every place David's going to be in the next year so I can follow him around the country and be a David groupie.

    I have no idea what's going to happen here. Why don't you--why don't you stand over there. I'll need your assistance as well in this thing, but no rings are necessary. You can stand over there. I do need to borrow some people from the audience. You can come, yes, yes.

    Teaching David Copperfield

    OK, these two guys there. Come on. Let's get some people over here. Just step right over there. Just--you can move right over there. Now I think we got enough. You see, I've been traveling around the world collecting artifacts, items that people say are haunted. They say if you concentrate hard enough, you can awaken the spirits inside those objects and cause the objects to move without explanation.

    And I brought one of those objects with me tonight. It's this table over here, folks. If you're around the table, pick it up and bring it down here.

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    Pick it up and bring it over here. Very good. Put it down right th--right there. And everybody examine that table. Really check it out. Make sure there's nothing funny about it or phony about it. Can I ask you what you're looking for? Is it--is it OK? You stand right over here. You move over here. And everybody get--everybody get down on one knee. If any of you have problems with your knees let me know.