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Burned out Jesse McKlintock has nowhere left to go except right back to the place he cut loose from ten years ago in a blind rage. In those ten years he stayed blind drunk. Now he hates himself as passionately as those who betrayed him. He is an old thirty-six needing to winter somewhere. And the chip on his shoulder from years of being hated for his skin is getting mighty heavy.

I have nothing. No family, no home, no one to miss me. Just do me a favor and do it now. The old man dropped his smirk and stared at the cowboy for a long spell. The old man walked over to him and poured some of it in the open spot on his head. Jesse crosses paths with a curious character who is thought to be an assassin named Maxwell Calkinmyer, receives a partially shot off ear compliments of Crazy Mary, and is shaken silly by a curmudgeon by the name of Levon.

Not by choice. Time may not heal all wounds, Jesse will learn.

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It will, however, do its part when we at least show up for our part. Getting There is an up and down, emotion-yanking, laugh-triggering, thought-provoking tale of betrayal, mystery, suspense, action, and adventure with more twists than a secondhand bread tie. When he finished his studies, and graduated in Spanish Literature, Mohammed dreamt of a job and a promising future.

Unfortunately, his dreams were broken quickly, as he was unable to find a job, because nepotism was rife everywhere. In his dull and routinely life of a cultivator of cannabis, he will come across a distinguished dealer of cannabis who will introduce him into a new world, and opened to him the doors of the illegal trade. But, will he succeed in the first test? Will he live in peace as he did before converting into a real cannabis taycoon?

A conflict with Ben Aisha, his rival in the area, was bitter and violent. Will he be able to confront ben Aisha? I loved the description of the culture and people who lived there. Australia has been invaded. While the outnumbered Australian Defence Force fights on the ground, in the air and at sea, this quickly becomes a war involving ordinary people.

Ben, an IT consultant has never fought a day in his life. Will he survive? Knowing death awaits him if he stays, he plans a daring escape.

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This is terror, loneliness, starvation and adrenaline all mixed together in a sour cocktail. This is the day Australia fell. He writes with energy and realism. As I became immersed in his book, it soon had me feeling like I was back in my days as a Special Forces soldier. It is a great adventure with very realistic and grave undertones.

The narrative is pacey and the characters are fleshed out and believable. I look forward to future works by the author. Australian SASR The characters were perfect for their roles, complex enough to be interesting, but not overly burdened with Freudian analysis. There are some excellent character moments and some great one-liners. Aussie humour shines through the narrative. I really enjoyed this, and found it hard to put down.

Two decades of genetic research and experimentation, subsidized by the Iranian Ministry of Health and Medical Education, produces an amazing animal of the sub species Canis Lupus Familiaris.

It appears to be a large golden retriever; however, it has one salient attribute that separates it from the rest of the canine world, it possesses the intelligence of an adult human being. Named Magic by the Marine whose life he saves, he travels from war torn Iraq to America and beyond. I was reminded of my childhood attachment to Old Yeller when Magic was trying to save Quinn from the Iraqi after the Humvee accident. I felt my heart-strings tug for our dog-hero, Magic, who will risk his own life to save ours just like I felt for Old Yeller and Lassie.

The characters are well identified and personable. The dialogue flows with a natural ease that is unique to each character. Then the evolving twist of the sci-fi intrigue and powerful bad guys is more than I anticipated and the story really got larger and more delicious. Humm shows a mastery of story tempo with Magic.

As if he could read my mind, he charged up the tempo at just the right moment, holding my interest and keeping me on the edge of my seat. The story kept unfolding in unique and imaginative ways. The climax brought a convergence of all the suspense, plot and mystery in a masterfully woven delivery.

But this ripping full tilt adventurous story blew it out of the water! It sounded like it really was comming from the point of veiw of a dog with human intelligence. And it was breakneck non-stop speed for the first part. I think I was one quarter through the book before it slowed down for a second and I took a full breath! I especially recomend it for people who like adventures, military stories, dog owners, police, detectives, spy and mystery books.

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It will not disappoint! Jones Author. Frank Jackson is a rectifier, he rights wrongs caused by senseless and desperate criminals. In the first of a series of electrifying short stories, a coma and subsequent amnesia thrusts Frank Jackson into an unfamiliar world of intrigue and adventure where he relies upon his gut instinct to survive. I got The Rectifier as a free Kindle download and was instantly caught up in the story.

Frank wakes up in a hospital without any memory and in poor shape. He is surrounded by several men who seem to be long time acquaintances who try to fill him in on his identity and past. He is provided with anything a man could wish for and finds that he has a closet loaded with designer suits, shoes, ties, etc.

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All are supposedly his from before the accident. This book, which is a short story, finishes with the reader hanging and the next installment is in Volume 2. The author would have been much smarter to have combined all the volumes into one book instead of making the reader have to purchase each volume separately as he has talent in making the reader quickly involved in the action.

Anna has been turned over to Devin Andersen, the most powerful man in San Francisco. What does he have planned for her? Is she just his mistress? Or does he have darker designs in mind? She is destined to be a tool in his hands to gain ultimate power in the USA. No, not as the President, but as the man who controls the President. When Devin took her for himself at the age of sixteen, she had a vision of a man.

A man who Devin was very interested in. But why? This series is for grown-ups. This series is not for people who are easily offended, get nightmares easily, or have difficulty reading books about tough subjects. I do not glorify bad things, but bad things do happen to my poor characters. This is not your typical love story. My heroine does not fall in love and live happily ever after…at least not like the typical heroine. There is a happily ever after, but it is a long, painful journey to that end. This series will likely offend you. This series might make you cry; it might make you throw up.

It is a dark story. It gets darker.

See a Problem?

It gets even darker, and then it gets even more darker. I take you to the deep end gradually. People die. People get hurt. My hero is not perfect. My heroine is human…-ish.

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Things that may appall you are perfectly normal to her. All sexual acts portrayed in this book are between persons of legal age aka 18 years old. All sexual acts portrayed in this series are between non-related persons. Any violence is non-gratuitous and crucial to the plot and character development.