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Thanks do Daniel Haupt for bug report. Thanks to Marjan Ratkovic solutix. Label of template got appendix: dangerous! Thanks to Max Dubiel from corussoft.

TYPO3 8. Support for Fluid Styled Contents. Update for t3foundation 3. Constant Editor isn't needed any longer. You should include the static template again. Up to six sliders per page. Improvement CSS. Thanks to Phillip Winterle for the suggestion. Just copy the shortcode of design that you like and use.

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Also work with Gutenberg shortcode block. By default effect is slide. Custom CSS plugin setting option. Powerful shortcode with strong parameters. Display content with image and link in Carousel mode. Fully Responsive. How to install : Features include Also work with Gutenberg shortcode block. Display unlimited number of slider and carousel with the help of category.

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Touch-enabled Navigation. Fully responsive. Scales with its container.

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See the hackage docs for in depth help on available combinators. Yup, yet another static site generator. I've tried using Hakyll and Jekyll on different occasions and found there was too much magic going on with all of the monadic contexts for me to understand how to customize things for my use-cases. How does an Item work?

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How do I add a custom field? Why couldn't I just edit data directly like I'm used to doing in Haskell? They seemed a bit too opinionated without giving me escape hatches to wire in my own functionality. If they're working for you, then great! But they weren't working for me, so that's where SitePipe and subsequently Slick came from.

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Check out the Slick site template and follow the steps there. Shake takes care of most of the tricky parts, but there're still a few things you need to know.

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Cache-busting in Slick works using Development. The idea is that you can wrap actions with cacheAction , providing an unique identifier for each time it runs. Shake will track any dependencies which are triggered during the first run of that action and can use them to detect when that particular action must be re-run.

Typically you'll want to cache an action for each "thing" you have to load, e.

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You can also nest these caches if you like. When using cacheAction Shake will automatically serialize and store the results of that action to disk so that on a later build it can simply 'hydrate' that asset without running the command. For this reason, your data models should probably implement Binary. Here's an example data model:. If you need to run arbitrary shell commands you can use cache ; it will do its best to track file use during the run of the command and cache-bust on that; results may vary. It's likely better to use explicit tracking commands like readFile' when possible, or even just use readFile' on the files you depend on, then throw away the results.

It's equivalent to explicitly depending on the file contents.

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